Topeak Road Morph G – The BEST Pump for Bikepacking and Touring?

In Gear Review by Brian Raines

Is the Topeak Road Morph G the best choice for bikepacking and touring? Let me tell you why I think it could quite possibly be just that – and more.

I was recently on a 3 day trip and suffered the painful slooooooooow leak.  Not enough to warrant a tube change until I unloaded at the end of the day but enough to require numerous stops to add air.  I carry CO2 for my road bikes and a small, high volume SKS Shortshot for my mountain bikes.  I did not want to dump a cartridge on a slow leak and the Shortshot just didn’t move the volume of air to bring the tire up to proper touring PSI.

Once is enough for me so I set out to find a new touring/bikepacking pump.  My criteria was as follows; flexible hose to minimize force exerted on the tube valve, an inline gauge proven to be fairly accurate and a foot pad to give some leverage.  In short, I was looking for a portable floor pump that didn’t break my back with weight.

Enter the Topeak Road Morph G – quite frankly it fits all the requirements.  It will generate up to 160 PSI (but who is going there so who knows if that is accurate), has the fold out foot pad and the inline pressure gauge that after testing proves very accurate.

It took some creative mounting to find it a home since I was not willing to give up a water bottle mount and I wanted a consistent mounting location whether my AWOL was loaded and touring or naked and wandering from brewery to brewery on a beer ride.

Let me know what your experience has been and if you have a candidate you think can dethrone my current champion.

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